We offer a variety of maintenance services to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible.

Motorhomes, Trailers & 5th Wheels


All Units water systems are professionally serviced on site by licensed contractors. Winterization services conducted after November 1 are NOT guaranteed by contractor. Service does NOT include flushing of fresh, grey or black water.

 Base Rate: Motorhomes
$210 Base Rate: 5th Wheels
$185 Base Rate: Trailers
Any additional water system (second bathroom, ice maker, washer/dryer, outside kitchen, etc.) will incur an additional charge of $30/system.  There is no warranty for household refrigerators.

 Flat Rate : Trailers & 5th Wheels

$125 Flat Rate : Motorhomes



Units are professionally detailed on site using the finest waxes, polishes and compounds purchased from a supplier specializing in cosmetic cleaners. The exact time of service is determined by the detail staff. Units measuring 15’ or under will be assessed the minimum charges for detail.

RV Undercarriage Treatment Undercarriage Rinse includes a 2 step process: 1.) Spray on foam application acts to neutralize the salt. 2.) Once the foam application has had time to cling to the surfaces, the undercarriage is fully rinsed with water. $3/linear foot with $95 minimum.

Hand Wash
Roof scrub, exterior hand wash, and dry. Treated with a coating of all weather protectant (Invisishield).
$4.50 per linear foot ($125 minimum charge)

Hand Wax
Hand wash and wax with roof scrub.
$14.50 per linear foot ($375 minimum charge)

Basic Interior Package
$13 per linear foot
($210 minimum charge)

Boats & Cars


Contact us to create a customized detailing plan for your boats and cars! We offer many interior and exterior services!