Document Storage

If you have important documents that you’d like to store away from home or the office because you don’t access them much, and you need convenient, safe and secure storage, we’d love to help. With our Records Storage, you can expect to receive secure and professional storage of your important documents.

So what are the benefits of storing your records at DC Storage?

  • Boxes are identified and tracked at all times, with re-boxing services available.
  • Securely stored with camera surveillance  and fire protection.
  • Custom options available for financial,  medical, or legal records.
  • Our staff does all the heavy lifting to and from  our facility, so your staff doesn’t have to.

Storing with DC Storage will free up valuable work space at your office, allowing you more revenue-generating activities.


See below for pricing and options for document storage.

Non Climate-Controlled Units


5 ft x 8 ft
10 ft x 10 ft
10 ft x 12 ft
10 ft x 15 ft
10 ft x 18 ft
10 ft x 20 ft
10 ft x 22 ft
10 ft x 25 ft
10 ft x 33 ft

Boxed Record Storage

Standard Banker Box (10” H x 12” W x 15” D)

Legal Banker Box (24” H x 12” W x 11” D)

Receiving/Indexing Services

Receiving and box indexing (custom designed to client’s specification). Electronic spreadsheet of all box records is provided to customer at no charge.
$5/box (one-time fee)

Handling Services

(While Being Stored)

Handling services include retrieval, restocking and/or replacement of a box. All these are one-time fees.

Retrieval or Restocking—$3/box
Permanent Removal/Discontinuation of Service—$5/box
Destruction Services—$8/box

Delivery and Pickup Services

We can pick up or deliver boxes from your home or office upon your request! We just need to know by 3 pm the day before pickup or delivery. All these are one-time fees. (All prices include 10 boxes or less per trip.)

Scheduled Pick-Ups & Deliveries
Regular Pickup or Delivery (Includes 1 to 5 boxes)   $20.00/trip 
Regular Pickup or Delivery (Includes 6 to 10 boxes) $40.00/trip
Regular Pickup or Delivery (Includes 11-100 boxes) $50.00/trip
   *anything over (100) boxes, requires a fee of $30.00 per 100 boxes 

Rush Deliveries 
Rush Delivery Trip Charge (Includes 1 to 5 boxes)    $45.00/trip
Rush Delivery Trip Charge (Includes 6 to 10 boxes)  $65.00/trip


  • Regular delivery is received the next day before 5p.m. (Request must be received by 3pm previous day.)
  • Rush Delivery is received within 3 hours of requesting during normal business hours.
  • Normal business hours are defined as Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm EST.